Opportunity to increase Customer Engagement (CE) in Chinese New Year!

Money packet is one of the best Customer Engagement (CE) marketing programmes practicing by big corporates. Money packets serve as a low-cost & effective way for brand awareness at the right timing – sharing festival happiness.

Many brands print money packets every year, however only the best “WANTED”!
Creativity & quality plays a very important role in money packets. With over 8 years of experience, we can recommend the best money packets that represent your brand identity.

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农历新年-最 佳时机提高客户参与行销策略

春节是 增进客户参与的好时机!红包袋是其中一项大型企业公司增进客户营销方 案的最好实践方法 。低成本的红包袋可以大大提升您的品牌知名度。这就是我们 所提倡的“共享佳节的喜悦”之特别效应。
每年有众多品牌印制红包袋,然而只有最出色才会“被宠爱”。人们总会 对美 丽的 事 物留下深刻印象。显 然,创意与品质就是非常重要的元素。经过多年的经验,我 们会推荐最出色和最适合您的企业品牌的红包袋。
马上行动并为猴年开始计划这最好的营销方案。立即联系我们以获取优惠 信 息!

祝: 生意兴隆



Money packets are common traditional item, given out especially during festive seasons especially during Chinese New Year celebration. The traditional red money packets or 'Hongbao' (known as ‘Ang Pow’ in Malaysia) came from Chinese tradition where usually the elderly or married couples will give out red money packets to unmarried youngsters or children as a symbol of happiness and good luck.

As culture spread among the society in Malaysia, the tradition was then adapted by fellow Muslim community during Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration, where the elders gives out green packet or 'Duit Raya' to the youngsters and children. This tradition was so popular that it has become a common sight even during the Hindus festive celebration such as Deepavali.

In the present day, big corporations such as major banks and insurance providers give out Ang Pows to their customers as a token of gratitude, which indirectly serves as an effective way for little brand promotion and getting people to be aware of your company existence, as well as enhancing company’s professional image.

With our specialized service for more than 8 years of experiences, we are looking forward to create or design the Ang Pows that represent you or your corporate identity in the best way possible. From classic red envelopes to modern upbeat design; we present to you the best and highest quality for your money packets that your money can buy.

Let us help you to create one-of-a-kind Ang Pows that no others can do the same and keep the money packets traditions going.


Joy of Giving

The joy of giving starts from the purest of heart. The practice of giving money packets isn’t just for tradition sake; it is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. At mpacket.com, we want to relive the spirit of celebration, regardless of festive or private occasions by inspiring the tradition of Ang Pow giving. Ang Pows are more than what it’s made for; it is a great marketing tool that companies can use to show their brand existence to the customers out there.

As festive seasons or celebrations are celebrated by large groups of people, there is nothing better than targeting potential customers out of them by using Ang Pows. Money packets are passed from one hand to another, thus spreading the marketing message faster and efficiently to larger audiences. Most importantly, the money packets able to reach to potential clients through the existing clients as the money packets are commonly given away to relatives and friends.

Like how festive celebrations or ceremonies strengthen the bond between families, that’s where companies also can strengthen the bond between their customers and potential customers. At mpacket.com, we’re guaranteed to provide you the highest quality of material and printing for your Ang Pows. This is our way of helping companies to get their brands out there.

So let’s starts sharing the happiness of celebrations with the joy of giving. The joy of giving shall end with a smile.

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