UOB Raya Packet in Modern Way to celebrate Raya Festival

Adding elegant Islamic style and Ketupat with gold foil design on fabric textured special materialand this makes one of the gorgeous Raya Packet. And also, UOB Bank logo so dedicate and remarkable after embossed. Raya Packet looks special because of inner part is having flora pattern design.

Simplicity Conncept Makes Wow Raya Packet

Multi-pointed star element is a classic even meaningful design for Malay Islamic. Using natural light green as background colour because green as background colour because green is sacred colour of Islam. Matches with dark gray (Mosque design) and makes overall looks stand out perfectly Compled with silver foil stamping finsihing lastly takes raya packet design to next level which does not uneasthetic and more elegant.

AEON 2016 Red Packet - Gold Hot Stamping

AEON's red packets comes with 4 different bright colours. With direct message of the celebration using gold foil stamping and company information printed on the back of the red packet, the concept of these red packets is simple and direct.

Material: Special material
Printing : Offset Printing
Finishing 1: Hot Stamping (Gold)
Finishing 2: Money packet making

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