Cute Money Packet (mpacket.com, Petaling Jaya)

The concept of this ang pow is to have a simple and cute design and with the help of the pantone silver colour, it makes the money packet stands out.
This concept comes with 2 designs; boy and girl.

Material: 250gsm Art Card
Printing: 4C x 4C Offset Printing (Pantone Silver)

Finishing : Money packet making

Series Emboss & Gold Hot Stamping Ang Pow (Hagen)


These 4 stunning series ang pow designs from Hagen are rich with gold hot stamping effects. With a red envelope as the casing for their ang pows, these money packets packs a punch with gold hot stamping on the envelopes as the highlights of the main artwork and company’s logo. The money packets itself are made from gold coloured background with embossing on the patterns for prosperity theme with a hint of luxurious looks.

Material: Special material
Printing : No printing
Finishing 1: Emboss
Finishing 2: Hot Stamping (Gold)
Finishing 3: Money packet making

Rainbow Effect Hot Stamping Ang Pow (Epson)

Epson doesn’t want just the ordinary hot stamping effects on their ang pows. Like their company’s slogan, they exceed the boundaries by using rainbow effect hot stamping on their ang pows design. Other than using gold hot stamping to highlight their company’s logo and slogan, they use silver hot stamping for the outline of the artworks and rainbow effect hot stamping for the Chinese New Year’s quote.

Material: Special effect
Printing: 4C printing & UV printing
Finishing 1: Hot Stamping (Rainbow Effect)
Finishing 2: Money packet making

Series Die Cut with Emboss & Gold Hot Stamping Ang Pow (F&N)

These masterpieces ang pow designs from F&N are truly a visual feast. Using the die cut and embossing on the money packets, it creates out of the ordinary visual effects with touch sensation which is very rare for money packets design. Gold hot stamping are used wisely to highlight the company’s logo and graphics to their recipients. Furthermore, the ang pows came together with beautifully printed greeting cards inside which create patterns from the inside for the die cut windows.

Material: Special Material (Money Envelope – 210gsm Art Card)
Printing: Offset printing (Money Envelope - 4C printing)
Finishing 1: Hot Stamping (Gold)
Finishing 2: Emboss
Finishing 3: Die Cut
Finishing 4: Money packet making

Texture with Transparent & Gold Hot Stamping Ang Pow (Shiseido)

As indulgent as their cosmetics, Shiseido put creativity on the table with their ang pow design using floral layered with transparent hot stamping to create a very mesmerizing visual effects. What’s unique with this particular money packet is that it is also printed on the inside, rather than just plain white colour as common money packets. Furthermore, they create attention by using gold hot stamping on the quotes and company logo.

Material: Special Material
Printing: Offset printing
Finishing 1: Water-based UV
Finishing 2: Hot Stamping (Gold)
Finishing 3: Money packet making


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