Shiny Red Texture Material with Gold Hot Stamping

Using shiny texture material, this ang pow gives the vibes of special and classy. To add on, gold foil stamping is used for the image of the money, quotes and company's logo as the main focus of this ang pow.

By incorporating texture red paper and gold foil stamping, it not only enhance on the visual but also on the touch impression of recipients.

Material: Special material
Printing : No Printing
Finishing 1: Hot Stamping (Gold)
Finishing 2: Money packet making




Coach 2016 Red Packet - Shinny Red Paper with Gold Hot Stamping

Coach's red packet concept is simple, classy and yet elegant. By incorporating shiny red material and gold foil on the red packet as the highlight of the main artwork, a modern silhouette monkey and company's logo. It gives out the vibe of COACH's brand.

Material: Special material
Printing : No printing
Finishing 1: Hot Stamping (Gold)
Finishing 2: Money packet making

2016 Malaysia's Bank Red Packet Designs. How many do you have?

2016 Chinese New Year is coming to the end. It’s time to open your red packets.
This year many banks have very creative red packets designs.
How many of these red packets have you received?
Take a look at the 2016 red packets from various banks in Malaysia.


今年马来西亚银行设计的红包都别处心裁, 创意纷呈, 你都收集了吗?


Hong Leong Bank money is simple and nice and it has various designs with different concepts: Standard Banking, Credit Cards and, Personal Loan.


Bangkok Bank design is simple and elegant. By combining the gold foil, it makes the red packets stands out.


With the designs of the abstracts monkey using rainbow foil and 3D effects, it makes the UOB's red packets looks special and unique.


Deutsche Bank's red packet is simple and at the same time it looks elegant, using cloth material and texture material with gold foil as their main attractions.


CIMB's red packet decided to go for a simple and nice standard design red packet, flowers printed on both sides and gold foil.


Standard Charted Bank came out with 2 designs and each design has their own unique point: texture material with flower design and gold foil while the other is simple flower design with a gold foil monkey.


This year, HSBC's red packet goes with the concept of flowers and the design is nice and elegant as they use texture material for Standard Banking and Commercial Banking.


There are 2 designs from RHB Bank for the year of monkey, simple and beautiful; one uses the concept of red printing with gold foil lantern while the other design goes for red foil flowers combining with simple gold foil wording.



As usual, Public Bank's red packets are still going for the same design after so many years.


AmBank's red packet uses the combination of red printing and gold foil which makes the red packets simple and nice.


Maybank came out with various simple and nice designs red packet using flowers as their main concept combine with gold foil.


OCBC has different designs of red packets and it's simple and unique as it will have the 3D effect when using phone to snap a photo.


Most the banks are going for the concept of simple, classy and elegant. On the other hand, Alliance Bank decided to go for a simple and cute design.


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